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Here are some FAQs and Facts:

Magazines are not interchangeable except in rare cases.  Think of it as being akin to going to your local car dealer and telling them you need a carburetor for your car.  If you don’t tell them make and model, they can’t help you.  Same goes here.

If you have a question about a particular gun, or about California law, or any other gun-related issue, please post your question here.

Here are some helpful links:

Bureau of Firearms-California Department of Justice

New Resident Handgun Ownership ReportPDF logo [PDF 517 kb / 2 pg]

Firearm Ownership RecordPDF logo [PDF 53 kb / 2 pg] This is for your personal use.

Personal Firearms Eligibility Check ApplicationPDF logo [PDF 72 kb / 2 pg] This is to do a background check without buying a gun. Please note: You still have to do the background check when you buy your firearm.

Operation of Law or Intrafamilial Handgun Transaction ReportPDF logo [PDF 480 kb / 2 pg] This is the form you send in for transfers between family members. (Parent to child and vice versa)

Handgun Safety Certificate (HSC) Study Guide (revised October 2004)PDF logo [PDF 762 kb / 56 pg]  Get a head-start on studying for the HSC.  You’ll see that it’s mostly common sense.
Handgun Safety Certificate (HSC) Study Guide-SpanishPDF logo [PDF 762 kb / 56 pg]

California Firearms Laws 2006PDF logo [PDF 174 kb / 65 pg]

Roster of Handguns Certified for Sale Ahhhh, the list. Yes, this is the list to consult to find out if your friendly local dealer can legally sell to it you.   Understand that guns are often not on the list because the manufacturer is selling so many in other states that they don’t want to jump through California’s hoops.  For example, Taurus has not yet put its 1911 on the list.  A fine gun by a fine company.  Not being on the list does NOT mean the gun isn’t safe, and it certainly isn’t an indication of high quality.  Phoenix Arms cheapies are on the list, and so are  Hi-Points.

AB 809 (regarding long-gun registration)

California Firearms Laws 2013 Summary

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