S. Bodus

IV Rifle & Pistol Assoc. Schedule

1st Sun Sep-May High Power/Match Rifle 7:00 am-finish Skip Waycott 760-353-6238
2nd Sun Oct-Jun Silhouette 8:00 am-finish Darell Ramey 760-344-2037
4th Sun Oct-May ATA Sanctioned Trap
10 am-finished Darr Wilson
Claudia Murphy small envelope
2nd Tue Jun-Sep ATA Sanctioned Trap
6:00 pm-finish Darr Wilson 760-556-8182
3rd Sat Oct-May Action Pistol 8:00 am-finish Gerry McDonald small envelope 760-427-0051
3rd Sun Sep-Jun Vintage Military 7:00 am-9:00 am Mike Fargo 760-344-7433
3rd Sun Sep-Jun Small Bore 9:00 am-10:30 am Ken Claverie 760-357-4006
4th Sun Oct-May Long Range Rifle Match 7:00 am-finish Ken Claverie 760-357-4006
Sundays Jan-Dec Trap/Skeet/shotgun 7:00 am-finish Darr Wilson 760-556-8182
Tuesdays Jan-Dec Trap/Skeet Practice 5:00 pm-finish Darr Wilson 760-556-8182

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