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S&W Holiday Promotion

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PostSecrets from Soldiers

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Send coffee to a soldier for $2

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This is an amazing chance to give a personal note to a soldier. Each cup of joe that’s given is accompanied by a note from the person who donated it.

Soldiers have the option to write back if the donor includes his/her email address.

Send a cup.



Pink Gun for the cure

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I like that manufacturers are helping to support this cause.

I have mixed feelings about completely pink guns, however.  This rifle looks like it’s been dipped in Pepto Bismol. Don’t get me wrong–I LIKE pink. I think the nifty accessories at PackinginPink are fabulous.  Heck, my favorite cartoon character’s always been the Pink Panther.  This is simply too much pink. Stomach-roiling, eye-stabbing, screaming pink.

Why not go pink camo? Or give it a pink trigger? Or heck, put the pink ribbon on the stock! Do they have to drown us in the color?

that said, I will go back to the point of this…gun.

100% of the funds from this auction will benefit the Breast Cancer 3 Day.

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