S. Bodus

Storage has a fee, man.

In Funny stuff, Interesting Encounters on February 12, 2010 at 9:59 pm

Guy calls and asks if we still have a Taurus .380 he’d done a transfer for FOUR YEARS ago. Turns out, yes, we do, because we can’t sell the dang thing since it’s not on the CA list of “approved” guns. When I tell him he can’t get his gun back, he gets a little testy, so I say, “Look, you better be real sweet to me or I’ll charge you storage.” Silence. Then: “Do you like roses?”

  1. What eventually happens to those guns–can you transfer them out of state or something?

  2. We had just decided we were going to sell it on GunBroker when the guy called. Turned out we could do a DROS back to the original owner, so everything worked out.

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