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Senator Shoots Intruder

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Thanks to World Examiner for the link. (Date: Aug 2009)

Date: Dec 2009.
State Senator RC Soles under criminal investigation.

Date: Jan 2010
North Carolina Senator R.C. Soles indicted.

*Editing note:  I couldn’t find any record of his voting on gun issues, so I don’t know if he’s anti-gun; I am also not sure why he got a one-star vote on that voter’s guide when I’ve seen elsewhere that NRA gave him an A. *baffled*  I also read that under NC law a person is allowed to use deadly force to prevent someone from breaking into his house.  So why would he go to jail for that?  I’ll dig some more and add what I find, if anything.

A couple of things bug me:

  • the assumption that he’s anti-gun –unless an A from NRA means–what?
  • the rumors about him being gay. Like this explains the molestation allegations.

Project Vote-Smart shows his voting record here.
The Chattanoogan has an Op-Ed piece about Soles, and the author states that the Senator was anti-gun, but I still haven’t seen any hard evidence.
I did find one (anonymous) comment that said, “Oddly enough, Soles is a long-time firearm rights supporter who has a consistent “A” NRA voting rating, but this doesn’t stop on-line papers and e-mails from calling him an “Anti-gun activist”. If fools passing that e-mail along succeed in electing someone else, they very might replace Soles with a “C” or even “F” NRA-rated senator.”

So an A vote from the NRA is a good thing.

Edit 2:  Based on lifetime voting records on gun issues and the results of a questionnaire sent to all candidates in 2008, the National Rifle Association Political Victory Fund assigned Sen. Robert Charles ‘R.C.’ Soles, Jr. a grade of A (with grades ranging from a high of A+ to a low of F).

I found it  here.

So now I’m completely disgusted with the blogosphere.  Seems like nearly everyone cuts and pastes without verifying claims.

And I’m disgusted with myself for initially following along.


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