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About that FBI Flyer that Worries Gun Store Owners

In Selling guns on January 25, 2010 at 1:53 am

The article is here

Thanks to SayUncle for the link to the article.

I haven’t received notification from the FBI that they’ve got a flyer for us, and I think it’s weird that FBI is doing this rather than ATF.  And if ATF was doing it, one would think they’d have sent us a bulletin.

“It instructs store owners to look out for certain customer characteristics, like insisting on paying with cash only, or purchasing large quantities of ammunition or other gun accessories. Store owners are also supposed to look for people with missing hand or fingers, chemical burns, or stains on their clothing.”

Purchasing large amounts of ammo? What constitutes a large amount? Here in California there was talk of only allowing a set amount each month (I think it was 100 rounds, but that could be wrong.) Two boxes of ammo. Geez.
In any case, that’s not a good indicator–target shooters go through tons of ammo in a single weekend.

Stains on their clothing? Really? Farmers and mechanics come in after work, and paying in cash–for crying out loud. You know how women are [sometimes!] guilty of buying clothes and purses and jewelry and then sticking them with their ‘older’ stuff?  Guys do the same thing [sometimes! lol] with guns. (sorry, guys, for outing you.) And they pay with the cash that they’ve been secretly stashing.  Again, not a good indicator of nefarious intentions.

We are always careful who we sell to. I recently had a guy come in who was kinda twitchy,  and he made the hair on my neck stand on end. He said he wanted to buy a gun, and pointed to a 9mm. Then he changed his mind and wanted to see a .40 (with no apparent aim in mind) then he changed his mind again and pointed at the far end of the rifle rack and asked to see one of the rifles.  Again, not particular.  Just a vague, “Lemme see that black one.”   I didn’t even know which one he was pointing at.  All I knew was that he wanted me zipping here and there, and then I got a whiff of alcohol.  That was the final red flag.  I asked him to leave.  Of course he argued and called me a bitch and said I would never sell guns that way.  Yeah, yeah, whatever.  OUT.

The main bogus thing about this flyer, though, is the preconceived notion that criminals are going to legitimate FFL dealers for their weapons.  Why would they want a paperwork trail? And why would this be the one area they do something legally?

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